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This page is the About Us section of Natural Law Intelligence Agency. Here, we describe our mission, ideologies, and objectives, as well as the members of our organization.
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About Us

Natural Law Advocates

The Virtuous Campaign for Liberty

Natural Law Intelligence Journal is a campaign to educate the public on American jurisprudence, American history, and the nation’s longstanding ideological heritage from English Common Law. NLIJ is a vigilant check to state tyranny by upholding and promoting the universal principles of Natural Law. We aim to spread awareness of the foundational tenets of individual liberty, natural rights, limited government, and Austrian Economics which constructed freedom and affluence in the United States. The roots of American heritage stem from the Age of Reason (Enlightenment Era), which gave rise to ingenious advocates of Natural Law such as William Blackstone and John Locke; these intelligent and thought-provoking leaders fueled the rise of America’s War for Independence by granting insight to the Founding Fathers who birthed the Constitution and Republic of the United States.


NLIJ was founded by the Director, Christopher S. Nawoichik, a law student in San Diego, CA, entrepreneur, and former U.S. Marine Corps officer (prior enlisted). Mr. Nawoichik is a New England native who grew up in southeastern Massachusetts with an appreciation for American heritage and his ancestral roots. He is a reenactor of the battles of Lexington and Concord, and plays the military fife and Scottish flute.


We sell quality liberty-minded products and publish articles regularly on our blog, Natural Law Journal. Thus we encourage participation from like-minded freedom advocates to network, be guests on our podcast, or contribute articles to the Journal. Join with us, and together we shall serve the People for the Noble Cause of Liberty.


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Grand Union

Shining The Beacon of Natural Law for The Betterment of Humanity

Natural Law Advocates From The Age of Reason

The Team

Grand Union

Christopher Nawoichik

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and integrity in upholding Natural Law principles has been recognized.

Knowledge and Experience

What We Do

Common Law Education

We provide lectures, articles, and public advocacy for preserving the doctrinal common law.

Natural Law Philosophy

We uphold the timeless principles of Natural Law through education, historical examples, and application analysis to current events.

Watchtower on Current Events in Government

We keep a vigilant eye on Washington D.C. and government politics as guardians of common law and original constitutionalism for the preservation of freedom.

Natural Law Journal

Natural Law Journal (NLJ) is our official media publication featuring articles, videos, and lectures on common law topics, Natural Law principles, American heritage, and current events.

The Natural Law Journal [Vlog]

We create video and podcast episodes available on YouTube and conventional podcast mediums.

Natural Law Shop

We are entirely funded by listener and subscriber support. Therefore, to spread the message of our Noble Campaign for Liberty we sell quality liberty-minded products.