Natural Law Intelligence Journal | Read Books: Don’t Watch Television and Erode Your Creativity
This post is about the benefits of reading books for the mind and soul. Too much television may erode creativity.
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Read Books: Don’t Watch Television and Erode Your Creativity

Although common sense is an uncommon virtue these days, the longstanding tried and true way to intelligence and success is reading books, lots of them. Do not watch TV.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin’s words in this regard are fine gems of wisdom. Your creativity muscle atrophies when you don’t use it, and there’s no better way to destroy that precious part of your mind but to engorge yourself in mindless media. Not that all television and even some movies are bad in moderation per se, but many lack the self-awareness to know when they’ve had too much. Thus, the traps that erode our creative minds seem to sneak up very subtle.

Americans read less than one book per year, according to Brian Tracy. We all pretty much know this; look around, how many people are practically walking zombies who forgot the simple tenets of self discipline for the mind—reading quality books. Couple that with the lack of quality education these days, and the lousy food—a recipe for disaster.

I find this YouTube clip by Daniel Lapin quite helpful:

Christopher Nawoichik

Christopher S. Nawoichik is an entrepreneur, athlete, vegan, yoga enthusiast, flute musician, artist & photographer, and former U.S. Marine Corps officer. He is Founder and Executive Director of Natural Law Intelligence Journal, which upholds the universal principles of individual freedom and self-government that gave rise to the Age of Reason (Enlightenment Era). Rights are self-evident and inalienable, for which humanity, not government, is the source. NLIA campaigns to educate, motivate and enlighten all truth-seekers so that together we can raise the collective consciousness of humanity worldwide.