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I have often said the solution to the immigration crisis, for example, is simple terminating the welfare state entirely; make immigrants work for a living (like our ancestors did), and concerning the poor and needy---let the good-natured people give from their hearts in the form of charity. The only way to solve societal problems is through a Virtuous society that adheres to the timeless principles of Natural Law: the Moral Standard.
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Virtue Never Grows Old

This morning I felt the urge to write about Virtue, with a capital “V.” The reason is because our present age of abhorrent politics among a deeply divided nation is almost fixated in a whirlwind of ideological madness. However, it does not have to be this way. The true measure of noble activism and statesmanship is virtuous conduct; but what does this mean?

Virtue is defined as “behavior showing high moral standards,” and “a quality considered morally good or desirable in a person.” Such moral standards and qualities are universal, without which society cannot function. Thus, as morality increases society becomes less divided because the ‘common good’ is made popular.  

Hence, many people have differing opinions about what is commonly good to everyone. That is why an objective moral standard is the only true test.  If you think that everything is subjective, and that no real absolute truth exists, then you will have a hard time digesting the concept of Natural Law.

What bothers me the most about politics in America, which is how many people feel, is the overwhelming lack of virtue in everyday life. When it comes to politics, whether conservative or liberal, if you lack good moral character in the way you approach life (the way you treat others), then disagreements and divisive quarrels will be apparent. In order to contribute to society or participate with community, you must graduate to the awareness that others will not be your friend, nor regard you with much importance, if they do not find value in your conduct towards them.

Government might be the solution to the person who wants to solve hunger and poverty, by using taxation as a means to avoid the personal responsibility of charitable expense.  Among many on the left, leaving the poor and needy in the hands of the (allegedly) compassionate state is sufficient. On the other hand, some right-wing conservatives feel the need to strengthen our national borders and commence deportations to the point of unconscionable conditions, which wreak havoc on families and other non-violent persons; while I most definitely support immigration law, and even deportation done right, the solution is simple: stop giving them free stuff, and they will not want to come here!

I have often said that terminating the welfare state entirely would fix most problems. Make immigrants ‘work’ for a living (like our ancestors did who came to America), and concerning the poor and needy—let the good-natured people give from their hearts. Charity has no enemies.

Furthermore, the only way to fix society’s problems is through a Virtuous society: one that loves the Golden Rule and adheres to the timeless principles of Natural Law, which is the Moral Standard.

Christopher Nawoichik

Christopher S. Nawoichik is an entrepreneur, athlete, vegan, yoga enthusiast, flute musician, artist & photographer, and former U.S. Marine Corps officer. He is Founder and Executive Director of Natural Law Intelligence Journal, which upholds the universal principles of individual freedom and self-government that gave rise to the Age of Reason (Enlightenment Era). Rights are self-evident and inalienable, for which humanity, not government, is the source. NLIA campaigns to educate, motivate and enlighten all truth-seekers so that together we can raise the collective consciousness of humanity worldwide.